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~What you are about to see will change the way you look at nature forever~

Driving forces of nature finally emerge !

  Important: this is no fiction or make-believe. Take your time while looking at the pictures on this website. Some of them are pretty evident, but you may have to give your eyes (and mind) the opportunity to adjust to the specific nature of the photos.©2003-2012 Leon Stam 

Would we treat nature less indifferently if the forces behind  nature´s processes became visible to us, had a "face"? Literally. Could it make us reconsider our views on nature and eventually stop us messing around with her? It might...Well, paradoxically, it looks like our own technological evolution  is going to achieve just that. I will tell you upfront that you will probably find it hard to believe the pictures on this website are real.. Or you might not see anything at all, for that matter.

Because, as said earlier, you will have to give it a chance. Try to look differently. You may have to learn to see beyond the veil. There's definitely more than meets the eye at fisrt glance! Most people smile compassionately when you tell them you have experienced something inexplicable. Especially a strange experience in nature or an encounter with some unknown being or energy. We, as a species, have been so self obsessed over the last centuries (if not longer), we seem to have lost contact with nature. Lost contact with the earth we dwell.

It's becoming clearer and clearer however, nature is trying to find a way to communicate with us. By making visible the hidden subtle world. And sometimes trying to get through with messages. My pictures may be examples of that.  I'm a researcher. I think of myself as rather down to earth. I do not have exceptional paranormal abilities. But I'm open to every possible explanation. I don't exclude anything upfront. And this has taken me on a long, adventurous journey that has no end so far.
This website aims to show you that everyone with an open mind, everyone who is willing to listen or look differently, will eventually stumble upon this wondrous world and will at least be astonished by it.

Interdimensional projection?

Summer 2010:  Nature as a projection screen. This strange image appeared in the water, before my camera eye. Of course it is a bit distorted, although one can recognize  two distinct persons. The first associations I had were
"a high priest" and "Atlantis"......

Images from tap water !

I have done experiments by whirling tap water in a bowl for some years now. Why would one do such a thing?  Please read the article by Hans Kennis and me in the spring 2011 edition of the news journal of ATRANSC. The results of these experiments are quite interesting, although they often leave us with more questions than answers...

This is an picture crop from an early 2011 experiment, showing clear images (mainly animals e.g. a horse's head) in plain water from the tap. This could be an example of the alleged memory water is said to have. Or is it a projection, deriving from morphogenetic fields or spirit beings? Well, anyhow, interesting it is!


Magic Mushrooms

Autumn 2008.  Look amidst the mushroom stems. Some people asked me:"Well, you've Photoshopped this one, didn't you?"  Well, no, I didn't.  I've often noticed  certain paranormal activity near mushrooms.
Some mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic powers. Terence McKenna suggested ways in which hallucinogenic plants have been associated with spiritual traditions in ancient India, in the Amazon and in medieval Europe. Could this be an example of mushrooms actually opening a gateway to another dimension?


Since I seem to communicate with something yet unknown, I'd like to add this to the field of (instrumental) transcommunication. This initially stood for contacts with the dead by means of technology, but has broadened to contact with various kinds of spirits, energies and intelligences, even nature spirits and aliens.

Interpretation in this field of research however is not always easy. Especially when both parties don't speak the same language. In this case nature uses it's own language. And we don't speak her language anymore, so it's like learning a new language at a later age, looking at those pictures.

Look twice if you see something up there. It might be just meant for your eyes to see. This may sound crazy, and will no doubt make science look at this as delusion.

But it seems to be reality nevertheless.
One of many?

The last couple of years water has been playing a key role in my research more and more. Not strange if you look at the altering views on the nature of water in the last decade. The research of  dr. Masaru Emoto has provided us valuable insight.

A couple of years ago I started taking pictures in water. When I started studying these pictures I discovered all kinds of images an supposedly hidden messages


The image on the left is an example.
It is a reflection of myself, my shadow in the water. And it's seemingly transformed by the wrinkles in the water and the angle of the incoming sunlight. And it's seems that there's intelligent design behind it. Something wanted this image to be projected and was able to do so by controlling the circumstances for the split second the picture was taken.

According to several people it looks lik an indian with a bird. Over the last few years I have found many images that seem tot refer to native Indians.
Strangely enough I live in The Netherlands, far from their former dwelling grounds, so why show me Indians? This is, by the way, not the only referral I to native Indian culture I've experienced, there are more. And apart from all the electronic tools and very tangible (let's call it) evidence they provide, there's  an intuitive process going on that gives a kind of inner knowing that there is a purpose behind all this and it helps me to put the bits and pieces together.

For example, I used the Electronic Voice Phenomenon to find an answer. I asked how I should interpret these images, especially the "Indian connection". Immediately a voice responded: "Let us go back to the first life forms (or: ways of life)".

It then struck me that this is nature's way to tell us that everything is out of balance. We are overconsuming and exhausting the natural resources in, what ?, a couple of hundred years, leaving the world uninhabitable.

The Indians may well have been one of the last communities that lived in harmony with nature and just took what they needed to survive and showed respect for their surroundings. Much more than we do now, anyway.

Could it be that this is how nature shows she is longing to go back to that period in time? Just like a good memory that you think of with pleasure from time to time. Or is it a warning, that the way we treat the world is intolerable and will have consequences? I'm just thinking out loud, it seems to be up to us to act on it and really start thinking of solutions. And it all starts with a little more respect than we have shown so far

Another water reflection. This looks like an "old indian" shining through. Look at his face. Kind but inquisitive. Wouldn't you say he's waiting for our recognition?  Below: "Splashing" Indian.
Note the incredible details, like hand and arm, composed of water drops.


The pictures on this website were not modified in any other way than  enlarging, cropping or occasional level/colour adjustments to enhance the visibility of the objects to make them stand out more. What we are dealing with here are paranormal phenomena and they are not submitted to quality norms. On the research page I’ll tell you more about how this all fits in my field of interest, instrumental transcommunication.

The secrets of Loch Ness

When I was in Scotland August 2008 I couldn't help myself. I had to take some pictures of Loch Ness. And see if something extraordinary would happen. I decided to experiment with my "plunge" technique, which implies I throw stones into the water whilst trying to establish a mental contact with the connected energies at the same time. The picture below was taken near Urquhart Castle and definitely shows something that looks like a ferocious looking monster emerging from the water.

Reactions from people I showed it to vary from a T-rex, a dragon to a mad dog. But without exeption I found it to be associated with a dangerous animal. Of course this is not your flesh and blood Nessie, but could it be an indication that there really is something down there? Or "just" a materialization / visualization of the myth?

The keeper of the Lake...?

The picture below was taken at Loch Eil, Scotland, August 2008.
I used some color to accentuate features. Sculptures from a strange world...


Water sculpture

This is one of the first water sculptures that appeared on my pictures after I had started to take pictures of the impact of clods and pebbles I had thrown into the water. A quite unusual technique to make the invisible world visible...

Temple goddess or bird?
Pagan goddess appearing in Abu Simbol temple? Intriguing holiday picture.

This photo was taken by Francis. I know her from work. To me she's a trustworthy person with an open mind. She brought it home from her holiday in Egypt in September 2009. Most people instinctively say: "it's a bird". But have a closer look and then read Francis' story. And then read some more background information below. It might put it into another perspective for you. It did for me anyway.

Francis: "I took this picture inside the Abu Simbol temple (Egypt). It is the second of two pictures I took in the grand hall. When I had taken the first one, I saw a white haze on the picture. I suspected it was something on the lens, so I cleaned it. After about 20 seconds I took this one. When I examined the pictures later I discovered something on the second picture. At first glance and from a distance, it looks like a bird. But I was sure there were no birds inside the temple. Neither had I spotted them outside. Intuitively I knew I had photographed an energy that had taken the form of  an angel..."

Even a human face can be seen on the very spot one would expect the head of the figure...

A friend of mine studied Egyptology. He told me that the picture reminded him of the Egyptian goddess Maat. Maat is the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice, the daughter of Ra, the sun god. After the universe was created, it was Maat who brought harmony amidst the chaos and disorder.
Maat was a concept as well as an individual. As a concept she was in law and justice and pharao's were often depicted with an emblem of Maat to emphasise their role in upholding the laws of the Creator. Maat as a goddess weighed the souls of the departed in the underworld with her feather of justice to determine whether they could reach heaven and the afterlife.

Maat was the only Egyptian god in human shape that was often depicted with wings. It is thought that she served as an example for the first Medieval images of the well-known angel. Maat was honored all throughout Egypt. Maat was often depicted holding an ankh, the symbol for eternal life.

One cannot deny there are ressemblances with old depictions of the goddess Maat, like the ones above. We analyzed the EXIF data of the picture and concluded the flash didn't go off. This makes it less likely an overexposed insect was captured and misinterpreted.

Is it unthinkable that such a strong force of nature as Maat was and apparently still is, is still around and can show it's presence in a mythical place like Abu Simbol? Well, you be the final judge....

How to attract our attention?

Nature's spirit seems to be crying out for us, desperately seeking for a language we understand.
Could that be the reason we are presented more or less recognizable human-like shapes, like in this tree?

Picture below: picture of a fungus growing on a tree. Left is the original, in the middle I enhanced part of it, so the head of an "apeman" can be seen clearly and on the right you should be able to see a gnome's head. It's so beautiful to see how these images collaborate with each other, are connected with each other and are part of one another. One cannot exist without the other. That is the essence of nature isn't it? Is that what it wants to tell us? That we have to become aware of this?

Picture below:  surrealistic picture, so it seems. Flashlight reflected by some 'smoke on the water'....

Picture below: beautiful manifestation of what seem to be faery-like beings on a flower.

The picture below is full of beings, faces, objects,  even animals, often shown in a primitive way. Images from a collective memory ? Click here or on the picture to see the original picture plus several larger cropped details (opens in new window).


Picture left:

If this doesn't come close to how we usually think of fairies, I don't know what does. It must have measured about two centimetres and was apparently hovering above flowers. Or was part of them, for that matter. Picture was taken in the evening light.

Note: I enhanced colors and some features to make them stand out more, the figure can be seen clearly on the original photo though.

The Latin phrase "Naturam si sequemur ducem, numquam aberrabimus" (Cicero, correct me if I'm wrong) means:  "If we take nature for our guide, we shall never go astray". I think there might be some truth in there. 
This site is dedicated to nature and hopes to contribute to a raising awareness that there's an awfull lot more to nature than we can see and that we will have to think of a way to live with nature instead of  controlling, exploiting and gradually destroying her. We can't do without her.


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©2003-2012 Leon Stam